Chaoan Caitang Muxing Stainless Steel Ware Factory situated in "Hometown of China Stainless Steel" Chaoan a factory that specialized development and production hardware product.We adopts the most advanced speciale quipment and production line,and also applys strict modern administrative mode and quality-guarantee system.Allthe raw materials adopt excellent-quality imported stainless-steel boardmaterial,which makes our product High quality, reasonable structure, sophisticated technology and perfectly!

    Our Factory now is producing each specifications and types of Burning Pot、Insulation Barrels、Multipurpose Barrels、Fruit juice Ding、Boiling water Barrels and so on.The design is Novel,and its craftworks are very delicate.On handling exterior surface,we adopt a lot of forms,suchas posishing、sandpolishing、dumb polishing and non-oil sticky form to conform to differentdesigns and application requirements.

    Convinced that our products can perfectly suited to your needs. At the same time, the factory can contract processing business of various kinds of stainless steel fittings, quality assurance, preferential price. Hereby, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants sincere cooperation, create a better tomorrow.